Big Data

CEEMID was made out of necessity in EU member states when official statistics are missing key elements of the music or other creative industries. We had been experimenting with big data sources since 2017, especially to find ways to break down statistics to regional or city level, and to find leading indictors or estimators where government statistics are not available, or available only with a very long time delay.

ESSnet Big Data is a project within the European statistical system (ESS) jointly undertaken by 28 partners. Its objective is the integration of big data in the regular production of official statistics, through pilots exploring the potential of selected big data sources, and through building and implementing concrete applications. We are closely monitoring such developments, and aim to integrate ESSNet Big Data recommendations into the CEEMID workflow similarly to earlier ESSnet Culture recommendations.

Google Trends creates a fully anonymous sample of Google search traffic. Because of the way Google allows the use of Google Trends and scales results, it is very complicated to use Google Trends across regions and countries. However, our experience shows that Google Trends is an excellent short-term forecasting tool for ticket sales. It also means that it can serve as a good estimator for ticket sales for regions and territories where few reliable data sources exist.

CEE concert seasonality analysis

Geolocational data