Open Data & Re-use Of Public Sector Information

I have been involved since 2003 in the creation of official and non-official statistics and in the re-use of public sector information. CEEMID from the onset took benefit from the re-use of public sector information directive which had been replaced in 2019 with the EU Open Data Directive.

The European governments, and the EU itself, collects information that is worth billions of euros for the commercial and non-governmental sector. While PSI is generally free, or very cheap in the EU, the re-use of these information sources usually requires deep knowledge and further investment, given that these public information sources were never designed for the secondary public or commercial need.

CEEMID has built hundreds of indicators from various EU public information sources.

  • We are creating new music and audiovisual industry related statistics from raw data collected for other purposes, such as inflation measurement or public policy assessment in the EU using our proprietary software and some open source software.

  • Our economic impact assessment tool is, for example, builds heavily on our iotables software that we released as an open source software within the framework of the rOpenGov collaboration.