Building Practical Tools To Plan Better Tours, Record Promotion and Grants. Evidence from 10 countries

A review of the Hungarian & Czech grant needs assessments, the role of grants and the granting experience of musicians in the region. How to build collective HR and R&D tools for microenterprises, independent labels, publishers and small collective …

Comperative Study On The Music Markets of the CEE Region

Presentation of the CEE Music Industry Report, with emphasis on Czech data compared with AT, DE, HU, PL, SK, in the context of the development program on on live, recording, publishing parts and the granting functions of the Czech music scene. …

How We Would Like To Work in the Czech Music Industry in 2020

360-degree workshop with music professionals from the live, recording, publishing parts and the granting and collective management functions of the Czech music industry, organized by SoundCzech.


Ex ante and ex post grant evaluation

Granting And Policy Evaluation For Musicians In Hungary

The data and intelligence of CEEMID was used in Hungary to create an ex ante evaluation of the new Cseh Tamás Program to support popular music development in Hungary. Our mandate was to create concrete granting proposals that have a high chance of making a change in terms of the later royalty earning capabilities of artists.