Comperative Study On The Music Markets of the CEE Region

Nouvelle Prague Showcase Festival & Conference


Presentation of the CEE Music Industry Report, with emphasis on Czech data compared with AT, DE, HU, PL, SK, in the context of the development program on on live, recording, publishing parts and the granting functions of the Czech music scene. Feedback to artists from the CEEMID Music Professional Survey.

2019-10-11 10:16
Plynarni 1096/23, Prague, Czech Republic, Workshop Room

I am going to present the Czech results from our regional Central European Music Industry Report, and the first version of a comprehensive, national music development program that we started to work on in the organization of SoundCzech with 25 music professionals representing more than 20 stakeholders in the How We Would Like To Work in the Czech Music Industry in 2020 ex ante evaluation workshop.

I would like to provide an opportunity on Nouvelle Prague to give personal feedback to the artists and professionals who gave their personal details in our annual CEEMID Music Professional Survey from Czechia, or anywhere else in the region if they make it to Nouvelle Prague. More details will be sent to your e-mail addresses, provided you have given us one.