Building Practical Tools To Plan Better Tours, Record Promotion and Grants. Evidence from 10 countries

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A review of the Hungarian & Czech grant needs assessments, the role of grants and the granting experience of musicians in the region. How to build collective HR and R&D tools for microenterprises, independent labels, publishers and small collective management societies.

2019-11-11 10:16
Fészek Klub, Kertész u. 36, 1073 Budapest, Hungary

I am going to look back on the needs assessment of Hungarian music professionals in 2015 and Czechs in 2019.I will also compare the problems of the Hungarian scene in 2015, 2019 with the current issues in Czechia, Slovakia and Austria.

I would like to provide an opportunity on BUSH to give personal feedback to the artists and professionals who gave their personal details in our annual CEEMID Music Professional Survey from Hungary, or anywhere else in the region if they make it to BUSH. More details will be sent to your e-mail addresses, provided you have given us one.