An Empirical Analysis of Music Streaming Revenues and Their Distribution

Our report highlights some important lessons. First, we show that in the era of global music sales platforms it is impossible to understand the economics of music streaming without international data harmonization and advanced surveying and sampling. …

Music Streaming: Is It a Level Playing Field?

Our paper argues that fair competition in music streaming is restricted by the nature of the remuneration arrangements between creators and the streaming platforms, the role of playlists, and the strong negotiating power of the major labels. It …

Ensuring the Visibility and Accessibility of European Creative Content on the World Market: The Need for Copyright Data Improvement in the Light of New Technologies

While the US have already taken steps to provide an integrated data space for music as of 1 January 2021, the EU is facing major obstacles not only in the field of music but also in other creative industry sectors. Weighing costs and benefits, there …

Open Access Is Not a Panacea, Even If It’s Radical

Elemzésünk a világ egyik legnagyobb kalóz könyvtárának az adataiból próbálja megérteni a tudományos könyvek világpiacát.

Programatic Approach To Work With European Regional Data Panels

My open source program code was released within the 3.6.1 version of eurostat R package, making the painful boundary alignment with frequent region border changes, and resulting data imputation work automatic and less error-prone. As a result, more and more of my work, and particularly the music indicators of CEEMID are becoming available on provincial/regional level.

CCS Ecosystems: Evidence-Driven CCI Policy & The Central & Eastern European Music Industry Report

The Central & Eastern European Music Industry Report 2020 was presented as a case-study on national and comparative evidence-based policymaking in the cultural and creative sector.

Közép- és Kelet-Európai Zeneipari Jelentés 2020

Az első magyar, szlovák, horvát és cseh zeneipari jelentések összehasonlítása a bolgár, litván, osztrák, örmény, szerb, szlovák és szlovén adatokkal és tapasztalatokkal.

Czech Music Development Program & Comparative Market Research

A Progress Report on the Czech Music Development Program and problems in an international context. We would like to invite any Czech stakeholders, or even individuals to join our Research Consortium, because in the music sector, all organization are microenterprise or small enterprise sized, they usually have no significant market research, innovation and strategic HR management capacities. We hope to give them in each country useful tools.

Magáncélú másolás Horvátországban

A tanulmány azt mutatja be, hogy a magáncélú másolásnak hatalmas kulturális és jóléti hatása van, és általában véve hozzájárul minden horvát korosztály, de különösen a fiatalok jólétéhez. A tanulmány amelett érvel, hogy ezt a rendszert nem csak, …

CEEMID Music Professionals Survey 2019

Since most music professional work in microenterprises, or as freelancers, they usually do not participate in economic statistical surveys, and their problems remain hidden from government officials and the general public. This is why we designed an developed an individual-level survey since 2014 which in 2019 already covers more than 10 countries.