Crisis Recovery in the CEE & SEE Creative & Cultural Sectors

My presentation provided for the Slovak music industry stakeholders in this dialogue are not made available in a more general form, because the problems in Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and to a great extent in the broader region including Austria, Slovenia and Czechia are very similar.

The Effect of COVID-19 On Creative & Cultural Industries

I was asked to contribute an article to the COVID-19 economic crisis series of the Hungarian business weekly and portal While the article is only available in Hungarian, and behind a paywall, it draws on experiences that are very similar across the CEE region, and in some cases, in most the European Union.

CCS Ecosystems: Evidence-Driven CCI Policy & The Central & Eastern European Music Industry Report

The Central & Eastern European Music Industry Report 2020 was presented as a case-study on national and comparative evidence-based policymaking in the cultural and creative sector.

Central & Eastern European Music Industry Report 2020

The results of the first Hungarian, Slovak, Croatian and Czech music industry reports are compared with Armenian, Austrian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Serbian and Slovenian data and findings.

Budapest Showcase Hub & Conference 2019

We had a very interesting discussion day on the Budapest Showcase Hub with the regional independent labels in the workshop hosted by HAIL and with some concert promoters and music educators in the main conference program.

Digital Music Industry 2019

My annual seminar in within the Digital Music Industry course of MOKK

The Growth of the Hungarian Popular Music Repertoire: Who Creates It And How Does It Find An Audience

Being visible in the world is always difficult in the Central and Eastern European region. Made in Hungary is the first book in the Popular Music Studies series of Routledge from the region. A description of our first datasets, the motivation of …

Hungarian Music Industry Report

Az első átfogó magyar zeneipari jelentés. A három jövedelmáramlás modelljével összegeztük a zenészek által szerzett, élőben és hangfelvételen előadott műveinek jövedelmét, közönségét, értékét. Kiszámoltuk a gazdasághoz adott érték, a befektetések a …

First National Hungarian Music Industry Report

The report was compiled with joining data and knowledge from collective management agencies for composer, producer and performer royalties, and market leading companies Sziget (organizer of Sziget festival and many more festivals), WMMD music distribution company, market-leading Schubert Music Publishing and A38, Hungary’s leading music club, together with producer and audience survey data, tax authority data and other government sources.

Az üreshordozó díjrendszer vizsgálata

An economic analysis of the evolution of private copying, its benefits for the Hungarian households and the equitable remuneration for music and film copyright and neighboring right owners. Review of the technological and regulatory evolution of the …

AmCham Energy and Environment Committee published Position Brief

It is AmCham’s view that Hungary does not have a consistent energy policy evaluation framework that would enable policymakers and investors to correctly establish priorities and create a roadmap towards energy security. In the current situation, …

Market size of the re-usable public sector information in Hungary

A localization of the measuring European Public Sector Information resources for Hungary in the fields of Business information, geographic information, legal information, meteorological information, social data and transport information. Market sizing, service levels, pricing.