Save The Date: Open Data Day 2021 on 6th March

Save the date: Open Data Day 2021 on 6th March

Open data is not only a cheap resource for scientists or NGOs, but a serious business opportunity for the business sector, too. The European Union has been promoting the business reuse of data collected at the taxpayer’s expense since 2003 – and our team members have been involved since the beginning. This is a particularly good deal opportunity for small businesses and organizations that do not have a big data infrastructure or budget.

At Open Data Day 2021, our goal is to demonstrate how our open-source software can connect different sources and types of data to generate new knowledge about environmental sustainability by combining several perspectives: from air pollution sensors, public perceptions and opinions, and government policies. We will show how to connect environmental sensory data, environmental spending, and opinion polling data about the environment together with open-source software from open data sources, to follow the four highlighted topics of #ODD21. We’ll offer tutorials, webinars, and Q&A based around these topics.

We will show how to use open access survey data, and how to plot results on a map. This dataset was used in an empirical study on the structural conditions of book piracy in global and European academia published in PLOS One.

Who would think that you can use “raw inflation data components” to create cultural indicators? Working with open data often feels like working with raw diamonds, because most open data was originally collected and processed for a different use that you would have in mind. But this is our expertise – if you want to see public financing, opinion polling or sensory information about environmental and sustainability issues, do challenge us. Be part of our Open Data Day, tell us about your research needs, and we’ll bring some open data to the surface to start the conversation.