Challenges for Independent Labels in 2020

Budapest Showcase Hub


HAIL and its regional partners are organizing an closed workshop as a side-event of BUSH to discuss the latest market challenges for independent labels in the region. I am going to make the opening presentation and start the discussion. The event is invitation only - if you are not invited, please get in touch with me.

2019-11-11 10:18
Lumen Kávézó, Horánszky utca 5. Budapest, Hungary 1085

I am going to present the Hungarian results from our regional Central European Music Industry Report, and reflect on current challenges with promoting music in digital streaming and changes due to the new DSM directive. We will discuss some projects, including market development projects for the non-EU Balkans countries.

I would like to provide an opportunity on BUSH to give personal feedback to the artists and professionals who gave their personal details in our annual CEEMID Music Professional Survey from Hungary, or anywhere else in the region if they make it to BUSH. More details will be sent to your e-mail addresses, provided you have given us one.

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