Comparing Social Distancing in Europe

Based on the locational data of various smartphones and application data, we know that people spend 10-15% more time at home since January, and 40-50% less in their workplaces. Similar data is available for other locations.

Crisis Recovery in the CEE & SEE Creative & Cultural Sectors

My presentation provided for the Slovak music industry stakeholders in this dialogue are not made available in a more general form, because the problems in Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and to a great extent in the broader region including Austria, Slovenia and Czechia are very similar.

The Effect of COVID-19 On Creative & Cultural Industries

I was asked to contribute an article to the COVID-19 economic crisis series of the Hungarian business weekly and portal While the article is only available in Hungarian, and behind a paywall, it draws on experiences that are very similar across the CEE region, and in some cases, in most the European Union.