iotables R package for working with symmetric input-output tables

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iotables processes all the symmetric input-output tables of the EU member states, and calculates direct, indirect and induced effects, multipliers for GVA, employment, taxation. These are important inputs into policy evaluation, business forecasting, or granting/development indicator design.

Originally the package was developed to calculate the economic impact of the Hungarian film tax shelter and the impact of the music sector on the Slovak economy. (See Slovak Music Industry Report). From version 0.4.7. we include environmental impact assessment among the features, too.

Do you want to develop input-output models for any European country to measure the direct and indirect green house gas impacts of policy actions? Do you need well-formatted data on interindustry linkages or other relevant topics for sustainable economy or susitainable finance research? Get in touch with us – we are happy to help and test our new software tool with data you need, and create high-quality, open datasets that are ready to use.

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  • Introduction to iotables An overview of the reproducible workflow of importing data, preparing important analytical objects for input-output equations, and solving matrix equations.

Introduction to iotables

Use Case

Working with real-life Eurostat data - practical tips from downloading till analyzing input-output tables.


Replication of known good input-output analysis for package testing and tutorials. See also Get Started.

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