Crisis Recovery in the CEE & SEE Creative & Cultural Sectors

My presentation provided for the Slovak music industry stakeholders in this dialogue are not made available in a more general form, because the problems in Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and to a great extent in the broader region including Austria, Slovenia and Czechia are very similar.

Magáncélú másolás Horvátországban

A tanulmány azt mutatja be, hogy a magáncélú másolásnak hatalmas kulturális és jóléti hatása van, és általában véve hozzájárul minden horvát korosztály, de különösen a fiatalok jólétéhez. A tanulmány amelett érvel, hogy ezt a rendszert nem csak, …

Private Copying in Croatia

My study, Private Copying in Croatia, argues for an overhaul of the Croatian private copying remuneration scheme and gives some empirical evidence for the transposition of the DSM Directive. Even for those who are not interested in royalties, the first 3 chapters offer a very interesting introduction on how people listen to music, how musicians make music and how people copy it in the 21st century.

Mapping the Croatian Music Industry

Daniel Antal presented the preliminary findings of the Croatian music industry research in the International Authors’ and Creators’ Conference in Zagreb on 24 November 2015. The presentation was largely based on analysis of various CEEMID databases.