retroharmonize R package

The goal of retroharmonize is to allow the organization of data joins or panels from various data sources, particularly survey microdata files, by retrospective harmonization the value codes, the value labels, and the missing value ranges of the …

eurobarometer R package

The goal of eurobarometer is converting Eurobarometer microdata files, as stored by GESIS, into tidy R data frames and help common pre-processing problems.

regions R package

An open source R package for validating sub-national statistical typologies, re-coding across standard typologies of sub-national statistics, and making valid aggregate level imputation, re-aggregation, re-weighting and projection down to lower …

iotables R package for working with symmetric input-output tables

The goal of iotables is to make allow a programmatic acces to the symmetric input-output tables of Eurostat. It creates multipliers, calculates direct, indirect and induced effects from European SIOT tables.