At a very early stage of my career I specialized in regulated prices and acquired a second degree in Economic Regulation and Competition Policy. As an advisor to the minister, I set up a regulatory framework with new regulation for Hungarian freight railways. As a regulator or as a consultant to the authority I participated in price reviews. As a consultant to regulated industries, I helped making legally allowed pricing decisions or helped to challenge regulatory decisions.

Strategic pricing decisions have a profound impact on the value of companies and regulatory targets, too. As a CFA charterholder, and as a person trained in competition policy and regulation, I understand both aspects.

In the first decade of the 21st century I worked in newly liberalized industries, including telecommunications, banks, insurance, transport and energy. Later I focused more and more services with intangible assets, including data pricing and royalty pricing where I consider myself one of the most accomplished professionals in Europe.

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co-founder, Reprex BV

Szakmia érdeklődési területeim a pénzügytan, reprodukálható társadalomtudományi kutatások, programozás R nyelven.

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